​ ​ Ever since LIERAC was founded in 1975, we have developed cosmetic solutions that break from the status quo. 
​ Created by a doctor with a passion for the physiological concerns of women, 
Lierac was built around 3 fundamental pillars: science, femininity and excellence.


​ Over 45 years ago, Doctor Cariel, a specialist in aesthetic medicine, became passionate about concerns such as cellulite and stretch marks. He created Lierac in 1975 with a revolutionary approach: offer real “beauty medicine” to provide women with a targeted and effective solution to the physiological concerns that they experience throughout their lives.


​ Since our founding, we have had our own Research and Development Laboratory. Our mission: to work beneath the surface, not to be satisfied with appearances, to teach the skin to work properly by itself again. ​
​ Formulation is essential to Lierac: providing maximum sensoriality is key to making each application enjoyable and to promoting compliance. ​
​ Our focus is now on “sound naturalness”: smart nature that makes room for synthetic ingredients that are more skin- or planet-friendly.


​ The Lierac woman is hedonistic, uninhibited and exacting. She wants the most effective products and knows how to recognize false promises. For over 45 years, we have been building a relationship of trust with her and we talk to her with no taboos. About her wrinkles, her menopause or her stretch marks. We tell her the truth, so that we can provide her with long-term solutions and to support her throughout her life: that is our raison d’être.


​ As a pioneering laboratory, we have always balanced scientific rigor with the esthetics of a luxury brand. Guaranteeing effective formulas must not be an obstacle in the quest for the perfect presentation. Today, science and femininity are expressed through packaging that combines delicate curves and sharp angles. It is all developed as part of ongoing research into eco-design, with the aim of improving our response to environmental challenges every day.

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