TESTIMONIAL: “Taking the time to care for my skin became that moment in the day when I did something special just for me during my pregnancy.”

Léa, who became a new mom several months ago, shares her experience using pregnancy skincare must-haves for her face, body… and soul!

Hi Léa! Can you tell us exactly when you started using PHYTOLASTIL Gel?

Hi! I used it as recommended, so basically starting around the 3rd month of pregnancy when my stomach started getting a lot bigger. Before that, I wasn’t using any skincare products on my body.  

How often did you use it?

Every morning, every single day of my pregnancy! I would apply it primarily to my chest, stomach, lower back, buttocks and thighs.


How did you like using the Stretch Mark Prevention Treatment? What did you think about the texture and the fragrance?   

I love it! Even though I hadn’t been consistently using skincare products before, the treatment very easily became part of my morning routine! The amazing fragrance and the fact that the texture isn’t sticky and dries super fast made the experience even better. I was able to get dressed right after applying the product without any issues or staining.


Did you get any stretch marks during your pregnancy?

I didn’t get any stretch marks at any point during my pregnancy. I had a few very light stretch marks on my thighs before I got pregnant, but I didn’t develop any new ones.  


Several months later, have you noticed any new stretch marks?

Yes, I actually had some under my stomach that I couldn’t see while I was pregnant. It was an area that I would sometimes overlook when applying the Gel! I also got some stretch marks on my breasts when my milk came in. The ones on my breasts have disappeared and those on my stomach have diminished quite a lot with the application of PHYTOLASTIL Stretch Mark Correction Concentrate. 


Would you use PHYTOLASTIL if you became pregnant again?

Yes! Absolutely! In fact, I still use them all. 😅


What are some of the other skincare routine habits you adopted while you were pregnant? Did you notice a change in your skin during pregnancy?

I went from not having any skincare routine at all to creating my very own morning ritual: to begin, I would apply BODY-HYDRA+ Plumping Milk followed by PHYTOLASTIL Gel and finally the BUST-LIFT Expert Cream on my breast area. The routine was perfect for me because it was so quick and, because the products aren’t sticky, they were easy to apply. Taking the time to care for my skin became that moment in the day when I did something special just for me during my pregnancy.

I also take care of my skin using the SUPRA RADIANCE Cream-Gel on my face, which I absolutely love! And, during the first half of my pregnancy, I suffered from acne breakouts quite a bit, which is when I turned to the SÉBOLOGIE line of products by Lierac Paris. Although my acne didn’t instantly disappear, I don’t see any traces of it today, which is the most important thing. Also, because the vast majority of my pregnancy took place in the summer, I wanted to be especially careful not to develop pregnancy mask, which is a sort of hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Apart from acne, I didn’t really see any changes in my skin during my pregnancy. And, I have to say it was amazing to observe the extent of my skin’s elasticity as my stomach got bigger and bigger!

I truly think that my daily routine had a lot to do with it.


Thanks for sharing with us Léa!

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