Everything you need to know about Lierac Paris Laboratories' PREMIUM Cure

The PREMIUM cure promise: to give your skin a shot of youth in just 28 days. Discover everything there is to know about this exceptional skincare product.

The PREMIUM Cure is Lierac Paris Laboratories' exceptional skincare product. Capable of making your skin look younger in just 28 days, the product is also a concentrate resulting from technological advances we invite you to discover. Here are 10 facts about the PREMIUM Cure. 


The first thing you should know is: the Cure, as its name indicates, is intended to be used as a 28-day cure.
Why 28 days? Simply because that’s the time it takes for your skin to regenerate. The Cure is there to help your stem cells (young cells) be as effective as possible… so you can see the results on your skin.


According to a clinical study, women who suffer acute psychological stress are biologically 9 to 17 years older than their actual age. (3)
This impression of sudden aging is not merely a figment of the imagination—it is indeed very real. Physiologically, it can be explained by the fact that cells prematurely enter senescence, which is the process through which cells change over time, gradually stop renewing, become unbalanced and basically slow down.
When there is an excess of senescent cells, skin deteriorates, causing skin to age.


Born out of the latest skin cell discoveries that help recreate tissue and repair the body’s sick or damaged organs
Lierac Paris Laboratories combines this with rejuvenation, which restores the functions of senescent cells.
The result of these two combined approaches, PREMIUM fights the signs of aging of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


The PREMIUM Cure’s performance has been validated by numerous test panels. What’s more, the product was also named:
• 2019 Winner of Best Innovation in Skin Care by Clin D’œil
• 2020 Winner of the Best Day Serum by ELLE Canada and ELLE Québec


In one single bottle!
Why microcapsules? Because they allow the ingredients to remain preserved and be combined only when they are dispensed.

Lierac Paris Laboratories selected Black Orchid, Black Rose and Black Poppy for its PREMIUM products. It’s a well-known fact that highly pigmented plants are more resistant and have stronger antioxidant powers … which, of course, gives them more beneficial qualities.


This is the nickname given to the FOXO protein, responsible for ensuring the regeneration of stem cells (which happen to be our youngest cells).
Lierac Paris Laboratories has replicated this protein and named it Hexapeptide-FX. This ingredient takes care of replenishing reserves of young skin cells.
Here’s an interesting fact: in large quantities, this protein can even increase the lifespan of a subject by 20 to 30%!
Thanks to Hexapeptide-FX, our skin’s most important cells have a greater ability to regenerate.
By increasing your supply of young cells, your skin will be:
• stronger
• denser
• more supple


The GDF-11 protein is a rejuvenation protein that reverses the aging process in older cells.
Inspired by this protein, Lierac Paris Laboratories developed its GDF-11 Technology using Baobab extracts, which have the ability to restore the characteristics of young cells in older cells.


A component of the human body, and of the skin in particular, hyaluronic acid molecules are like sponges capable of retaining water—in fact, just 1 gram of hyaluronic acid alone can retain an incredible 6 litres of water!
Based on this discovery, Lierac Paris Laboratories created the Hyalu-3 concentrate, which combines 3 forms of hyaluronic acid for maximum effectiveness.
You’ll see its effectiveness:
- immediately: upon application, you’ll feel its smoothing effect on your skin.
- in the short term: because the active ingredient is encapsulated, it has the ability to work deep down to give skin a visibly supple appearance.
- in the long term: Lierac Paris Laboratories uses Blue Agave extract, an active ingredient capable of stimulating hyaluronic acid production that will help make your skin denser and more hydrated.


Lucky 7 happens to be the number of patents held by the PREMIUM Cure!
Of the 7, 5 are for its microcapsules and the 2 others are for its unique ingredients: Hexapeptide-FX and GDF-11.

We hope you enjoy your 28 days of the PREMIUM Cure!

(3) Elissa S.Epel., et al. Accelerated telomere shortening in response to life stress. PNAS, 2004, 101, 17312–17315.
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