How to achieve the ''Clean Look''

Also known as the “off-duty model look,” this is currently the hottest trend on social media!

Popularized by Hailey Bieber, the Clean Look is a very minimally made-up face with “perfect” skin. They key to achieving this healthy glow is a combination of several moisturizing products. Here's the ideal Clean Look routine.



Step one:

The foundation of the Clean Look is clean skin (what a shocker!). It is important to rid the skin of any pollutants and impurities accumulated overnight. This will allow for better penetration and effectiveness of the next products you apply. For those rushed mornings, choose micellar water instead. This powerful yet gentle cleanser requires no rinsing, so there is no mess. 

Step two:

Next, prepare your skin. A moisturizing mist refreshes the face and plumps skin. It’s a good way to wake up your skin in the morning or refresh during the day to help maintain a healthy glow.

Step three:

One often forgotten step is a moisturizing eye contour treatment. Since the skin around the eyes is thinner than the rest of the face, this is often where the signs of aging first appear. Pamper it with Hydragenist Hydra-Smoothing Eye Gel. This all-in-one treatment has a depuffing effect that will reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags. No more tired-looking eyes!

Step four:

Next, apply a hydrating serum to the skin. This provides a boost of hydration and has several benefits depending on the serum’s composition. The perfect serum for achieving the Clean Look is the HYDRAGENIST serum, which promises to deliver intense moisture. It plumps fine lines while providing long-lasting deep hydration. The Serum contains AHAs which smooth the skin for ultimate radiance, day after day. It is truly THE most essential product for the perfect Clean Look.

Step five:

Finally, you need to seal in all your products to keep your skin hydrated all day long. Depending on your skin type and the desired result, you should choose either a moisturizing or mattifying cream. Hydragenist Creams are perfect for this step of the process. Our team's favourite for combination skin is Hydragenist Moisturizing Gel-Cream! It provides a feeling of freshness and mattifies the skin with its rice micro-powders—an essential ally during for those long, hot, humid summer days.


Want some extreme pampering for your skin? A mask is the perfect way to give your skin a boost when it needs it most. From exfoliating masks to powerful anti-aging masks, Lierac offers a multitude of options to meet your most specific needs. Our team's top pick is the PREMIUM Sublimating Gold Mask.

Follow these steps and you’ll have all the tools you need to be on trend with the Clean Look! 



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