Everything you need to know about PREMIUM Anti-aging skincare line

Discover the Sublimating Gold Mask and the Absolute Anti-Aging Booster Serum!

Lierac Paris Laboratories is pleased to unveil its two latest innovations in the PREMIUM skincare routine: the Sublimating Gold Mask and the Absolute Anti-Aging Booster Serum. Together, they take PREMIUM even further in preventing and correcting all signs of aging. Let's take a closer look at these two new products!


Regenerative medicine—at the heart of the PREMIUM line

Regenerative medicine was born out of the latest research on stem cells, through which the latter are used to create new tissue and repair sick or damaged organs. 
Based on this research, the PREMIUM line has selected the best ingredients and techniques to correct all signs of aging: deep wrinkles, loss of density, sagging, uneven skin tone and texture, dark spots and large pores. The proof is in our two latest products!



Same Serum, new and improved formula

Perhaps you’re already familiar with our absolute Anti-Aging Booster Serum—the PREMIUM line’s most trusted ally. Using research conducted by our experts, the Serum’s formula was recently adjusted to further enhance its effectiveness. 
So, how does it work, you ask? Simply put, this melting Serum promotes cell regeneration, which increases the number of young skin cells. This, in turn, improves the skin’s ability to regenerate itself, providing beautiful results by: 

  • Smoothing wrinkles
  • Improving skin density
  • Brightening skin tone
  • Providing hydration to each of the skin’s layers


The ingredients at the heart of the PREMIUM Serum formula

None of the Serum’s amazing effects would be possible without the following ingredients: 

  • Hexapeptide-FX: This ingredient replenishes the reserves of young skin cells.
  • Black Tulip: Patented (Fr) Black Tulip extract re-densifies skin and provides a stronger barrier, preventing dehydration as a result.
  • Brightening Kombucha: Fermented black tea extract, also called Kombucha, inhibits the formation of toxins that make your complexion dull, and leaves your skin smooth, more luminous and radiant.
  • HYALU-3 Concentrate: An active ingredient that boosts the concentration of hyaluronic acid in all three layers of the skin. It instantly fills wrinkles, plumps skin and hydrates deep down, providing results that last.

Together, these ingredients heighten PREMIUM’s anti-aging action, specifically by redensifying, regenerating and brightening the skin.


The first vital step of a good skin routine

By applying the Serum on cleansed skin, you are boosting the effects of the following PREMIUM skincare product you apply - ideally the Silky Cream or the Voluptuous Cream. When applied year-round, morning and night, the Booster Serum fulfills its promise: to reduce the age of your skin’s dermis by 5 years.*

* Patent pending in France
**Clinical study conducted on 30 volunteers – twice-daily application of the Booster Serum – instrumental measurements. 



Why use a sheet mask?

Sheet masks have many great qualities, which is likely what makes them so popular. 
First off, they allow for exceptionally quick and effective absorption of the ingredients.
They also guarantee immediate results you can see after leaving the mask on for just a short time. As such, they are great for the short term because they provide the instant results you need, but also have great long-term benefits. 
Plus, they are easy to take with you anywhere you go for an instant moment of pure relaxation! 
See details on the benefits of the Gold Mask.


The double matrix of the Sublimating Gold Mask

The Sublimating Gold Sheet Mask contains an abundance of ingredients that can be absorbed in a very short time. Its goal is to stay firmly yet comfortably positioned on the skin to ensure maximum absorption in minimal time!
Here’s the secret: 

  • A viscose layer that helps the mask adhere to the skin
  • A second layer made of metal alloy that creates a barrier in order to ensure maximum penetration of the active ingredients

The entire mask is saturated with 20 mL of our PREMIUM mask formula, for an instant boost of radiance!


How long should I leave the mask on?

15 minutes is all you need to benefit from a generous dose of anti-aging active ingredients that leave your skin looking beautiful and glowing. And, it’s so easy to use:
Cleanse your face before applying the mask 
Leave it on for 15 to 20 min while you relax
Remove the mask and massage the excess into your skin until it is completely absorbed 


High-performance ingredients

To live up to the PREMIUM name, the Anti-aging Sublimating Gold Mask clearly had to provide the unparalleled performance that has come to be expected of the line! 
At the heart of the formula is patented Black Tulip* combined with HYALU-3 concentrate, Lierac Paris Laboratories’ signature ingredient, which brightens and plumps the skin, instantly transforming it and leaving it looking plumper, infused with moisture, smooth and radiant. The effects are instantly noticeable: 
• A brightening and plumping boost
• Visible and immediate anti-aging effectiveness 
• Skin is instantly radiant, plumped, smoothed and hydrated

This Mask is the perfect ally for those who want to put their best face forward, in record time!

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