5 skincare must-haves for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Some have planned a relaxing evening to watch a movie, others have been invited to a restaurant by their partner and others are simply waiting for the chocolate to be on sale the next day. No matter what your plans are, Valentine's Day is an great opportunity to give your skin a little love!

The PREMIUM Instant Glow

Give your skin the little boost it needs with PREMIUM Absolute Anti-Aging Sublimating Gold Mask. This sheet mask illuminates, plumps, smooths, and moisturizes in only 15 minutes. Thanks to its multi-layer support that combines a soft viscose veil and an occlusive aluminum foil, the active ingredients remain in contact with the skin to be absorbed to the maximum in a minimum of time.


The HYDRAGENIST touch for a flawless makeup 

It's no secret that HYDRAGENIST Hydration Booster Serum is a real moisture shot for the skin! Its Hydra O2 complex and the AHAs it contains make wrinkles and fine lines less visible, leaving the skin smooth and radiant. It's its moisturizing and smoothing power that also makes it excellent when used as a makeup base. Apply it before your makeup to make it last longer on Valentine's Day!

Redness-free skin with ROSILOGIE

Say no to redness with ROSILOGIE Anti-Redness Regulating Cream. This cream helps reduce redness at all stages of its development, camouflaging established redness due to rosacea and sudden redness (you know the kind that appears on a romantic evening?).  Plus, its green corrective pigments help reduce the appearance of redness and even out skin tone before makeup is applied!

A smooth décolleté with BUST-LIFT

Did you know that in addition to the face, neck, and hands, the décolleté area is one of the first to see the signs of aging? This is why Lierac Laboratories have developed BUST-LIFT EXPERT. This anti-aging cream intensely firms the skin of the décolleté and breasts. It tightens the skin of the chest and smooths the décolleté.


Goodbye crocodile skin 

Valentine's Day also means February, one of the coldest months in Canada! Unfortunately, we are all too familiar with its effects on the skin: sensitivity, dehydration, dryness, etc. In short, all the elements required to cause a skin imbalance! The BODY-NUTRI+ Anti-Dryness Lotion allows the skin to be nourished in-depth. The results: tightness is soothed, and the skin is incredibly soft!

No matter what your Valentine's Day plans are, there's sure to be a skincare product that will please you. 😉

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